***Super Saver retired***
Like a fine racehorse that's had its day, Super Saver has been retired.
If you signed up for Super Saver in 2019 then you will continue to stay on the product unless you wish to change. If you're not yet with Energy Locals, check out our available plans

Am I eligible for Super Saver?

All residential customers in NSW are eligible for Super Saver.

What’s the Free Power Bonus?

Super Saver includes a Free Power Bonus which gives you $165 inc GST free power over the course of a year when you keep your account up to date. After you pay a bill on time, we’ll put the Free Power Bonus on your next bill.

When is the Free Power Bonus applied to my bills?

The Free Power Bonus is applied to your account when you pay your bill (and any other outstanding balance) in full and on time. We reckon this is simpler than presenting you with two different numbers on each bill and you having to work out which you need to pay.

Will I get the same amount of free power after every bill?

Because everyone’s billing cycle varies slightly, we’ll apply a 45.2 cents (inc GST) bonus for each day since your last bill - that equates to $165 (inc GST) each year.

Does Energy Locals profit from my usage? 

We don’t earn money from your energy usage. We earn a fixed amount per customer and in our Super Saver product, it’s built into the daily supply charge. It means that our incentives are the same as yours - for you to spend less on energy by using less, or by helping you to move to a different type of tariff if it better suits your usage patterns. By keeping your account up to date, your daily supply charge will reduce by a total of $165 inc GST across the course of a year.

If I miss one payment, do I forfeit the Free Power Bonus for the rest of the year?

No, the Bonus is applied on a bill-by-bill basis.

I’m a solar customer, Am I eligible for Super Saver

Yes, all residential customers in NSW are eligible.

Do I need to set up a direct debit?

Setting up a direct debit is entirely up to you.  Direct debit is a great way to ensure that bills are paid on time, so you’ll be able to enjoy the Free Power Bonus on your next bill.  Through DD, we also offer you the opportunity to setup smoothpay, which enables you to make regular contributions to your energy account at an amount you’re comfortable with.  You can set up both DD and Smoothpay here.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes you can. Please note that a 1% credit card payment surcharge will apply. There are no fees for Direct Debit or Bpay.

Can I continue to support my charity partner with this product?

Unfortunately not. We’ve stripped this product back to the bare bones in order to give you the lowest rate we possibly can. If you’d still like to support one of our amazing charity partners, it’d be worth considering one of our member plans.

I’m an existing customer and I’d like to change my plan. Can it be backdated?

 Super Saver is available to all existing customers in NSW. With your consent, we can move you to the Super Saver plan and can backdate it to the launch date - which was 26 March 2019 - or the date of your last bill (whichever is later).

Will Energy Locals tell its existing customers about the new plan?

Yes. We’re in the process of advising our existing customers. We’re proud to always tell our existing customers when we launch new plans and give them permanent access to the best prices. 

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