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Local distribution (network) companies manage the poles & wires between power stations and your home or business. 

If you have an outage, here's who to contact. We've included phone numbers but it's normally quicker & easier to check online first using the links below. 


  • Energex - enter your suburb and Energex will show outages that may affect your area. You can also reach them on 136262.


  • Essential Energy - enter your suburb online, or reach them on 132080.
  • Endeavour Energy - enter your postcode and then choose your suburb. You can also download their outage app. You can reach them on 131003.
  • Ausgrid - enter your postcode, address or scroll the map. You can talk to Ausgrid on 131388. 


SA Power - enter your address and SA Power will show outages that may affect your area. You can also reach them on 131366.

Which distribution region am I in? 

There are three ways you can check this:

  1. Your local network company will be listed on your bill - normally in the top right section on the first page. This should be the same whether you have an Energy Locals bill or another retailer's bill. 
  2. Use our price search tool. After you enter your postcode it'll take you to your region. There are a handful of postcodes that are covered by two regions. If you're one of them please check your bill or check your NMI (see next point).
  3. Check your NMI (National Meter Identifier). You can find this on a previous bill from us or any previous retailer. Check the first few digits of your NMI:
  • If it starts with 31 or QB, you're in the Energex region.
  • If it starts with 400, 4204, 4407 or 4508, you're in the Essential Energy region.
  • If it starts with 431, you're in the Endeavour Energy region. 
  • If it starts with 4102, 4103 or 4104, you're in the Ausgrid region. 
  • If it starts with 200 or 210, you're in the SA Power region.

We hope this helps get you to the right distribution company so you know what's happening, and moreover we hope your power is restored very soon ⚡️

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