After your cooling off period ends, you'll transfer to Energy Locals from the date your meter is next read. You can find the estimated date of your next meter reading on your most recent bill. 

Many customers don't want to wait another couple of months before they escape their current retailer. To help, we can ask your local network company to carry out a special meter reading. 

They charge for this service and we can add the cost to your first bill. The charges vary by region:

Qld - Energex region: $9.23
NSW -  Ausgrid region: $12.24
NSW - Endeavour region: $41.64
NSW - Essential region: $19.29
ACT - Evoenergy region: $37.30
SA  - SA Power region: $16.50
VIC - Powercor region: $36.89
VIC - Citipower region: $33.50
VIC - Jemena region: $36.89
VIC - United region: $24.94
VIC - Ausnet region: $21.48
(all costs include GST)

To request a special reading and speed things up, just drop us a message using our website chat service and we'll get it sorted for you. 

If you have a smart meter there's no cost for a special read. 

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