In many cases, yes we can. Unlike other retailers, we don't earn money from each unit of energy that you use. This means we have the same incentive as you do: to lower your usage and your bill. Yay! 

If you'd like to change (e.g. from an Anytime rate to a Time of Use tariff) we can often arrange that by liaising with your local network company on your behalf. They'll need to make a change at their end. They probably won't charge for this unless you make more than one change in a 12 month period. 

Please note that some networks are now restricting changes from more complex tariffs to simple ones. A common example of this is in the Ausgrid network region, where it's not possible to move from a Time of Use or Demand tariff back to an Anytime/flat rate one.

When can we send your request to the network company? 

Network companies will only take instructions from a customer's current retailer. Once you're on board with Energy Locals we can request the change. 

Types of tariff
Times of day for different tariffs
How we earn money

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