Well the first thing is that your lights are likely to go out forever, so stock up on candles. 🕯

Just kidding!  🤓

Your physical energy supply is never affected by switching energy suppliers. Here's what happens after you switch:

  1. We'll enter your details & send you a welcome email.
    We'll load your details into our billing system and generate an account number. We'll email that to you within 2 working days of you joining.

  2. We check your address with the energy industry operator's systems.
    We need to get an exact match so we connect the right meter data with your account. If we can't get a perfect match we might get in touch to ask for a bit more information. We once found that a customer's address in the industry system was a whole block away from where she lived. 🤔

  3. We all wait for a 10 day cooling off period to pass.
    The industry rules say that we need to wait 10 business days before we can get things moving. This doesn't apply if you're moving into a new property because we don't want to hold up your power connection.

  4. We tell your current retailer.
    We'll then tell your current retailer the good news.

  5. Your current retailer will hit the panic button.
    Once your current retailer knows you're about to leave, their "save" or "retention" team will be calling you relentlessly to change your mind. Their voicemails will say otherwise, but there's actually no need to talk to your current retailer.

  6. We wait for your next scheduled meter read date.
    It's an industry rule that customers have to switch based on an actual meter read taken by your metering provider. If your meter gets read each quarter, we may need to wait a little while for it.

    If you're keen to get things moving you can opt to pay extra for a special meter read.

    There's no need for a special read if you already have a smart meter. Your switch will happen within a few days of your cooling off period being complete.

    If you're moving into a new property we'll make sure your local network company connects the power when you need them to.

  7. We'll tell you when you're properly on board.
    Once we get that meter reading (or, if you're moving into a new place, once your connection happens), you'll become a full Energy Locals customer. Your previous retailer will send you a final bill for your usage up to that date, and we'll take care of everything from that point onwards. 

As you can see from this list, there's nothing that you need to do yourself after you switch. We'll take care of it all and we'll be in touch if we need your help with any information. 

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