We reckon that earning money from each unit of power is a bit 1980s. Nothing against the 1980s - it had some mad music - but some things should have stayed there, like Kylie's massive perm. And companies that make super profits from units of power.

The work we need to do for each customer is pretty much the same whether you use 1,000kWh or 20,000kWh each year. 

That's why we earn only a fixed amount, as follows:

  • Save Me plans: $13.99 per customer per month is built into our daily charge (46 cents per day).
  • Membership plans (Member Promise 2020 and Solar Promise 2020): $4.09 charge per week. Of this, we reserve $1/week to give to one of our amazing Aussie partners. 
  • Simple Saver: $10 per month is built into the daily charge (33c/day)

Why are they different?
Save Me was used in our first year and a half and will be retired from sale soon. Our primary products are our membership plans.

Simple Saver is a very cut-down plan that requires online sign up, online self serve and direct debit.

What makes up your usage rates?

Read a line-by-line breakdown of what goes into a bill. We're the first retailer to publish this in such a transparent way. 

All prices above are excl GST. 

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