We reckon that earning money from each unit of power is a bit 1980s. Nothing against the 1980s - it had some mad music - but some things should have stayed there, like Kylie's massive perm. And companies that make super profits from units of power.

The work we need to do for each customer is pretty much the same whether you use 1,000 kWh or 20,000 kWh each year. 

That's why we earn only a fixed amount, which we show transparently on the pages that list our home and business plans.

What makes up your usage rates?

Your usage is the same price that we pay to the various people involved in producing and transporting energy to you. These include:

  • energy generators (power stations)

  • distribution companies (poles & wires)

  • environment certificate providers (a government requirement)

  • metering costs (for your meter)

  • market fees (to the market operator, AEMO)

Sometimes this results in a usage rate that has 5 decimal points. We like simplicity so we round this up or down to the nearest half a cent inc GST. 

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